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This is the story of Nick Bellamy, a young British media hopeful, whose journey takes him through a maze of egomaniacal bosses, unrequited love interests, and accusations of chair-sniffing, as he aims for his goal of becoming a successful radio DJ. Perhaps, even, The Mourning DJ.

Described as "witty and addictive" this dramedy serial is in NO WAY based on the real life events of writer and producer Neal Veglio, honest.

Any similarities between well known, high-profile people and the characters in this story are totally in your head.

Any plot points which remind you of real life events are purely coincidental.

So there.


Apr 1, 2019

Nick's in for an interesting first day at his brand new radio station. Being Nick, he's in for major drama before he's even put up the microphone for his first morning broadcast.


A Citrus Wang Production

"The Mourning DJ" theme written, performed and produced by V3GLIO

Other music: 

Supergrass - Alright

UNKLE ft Thom - Rabbit In Your Headlights

Alus - Ooh Papi

Eazy E - Fat Girl

5ive - Everybody Get Up

S Club 7 - S Club Party

Ned's Atomic Dustbin - Stuck