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Follow along with the often amusing and occasionally heart-breaking story of Nick Bellamy - a young British media hopeful - as his path steers him around egomaniacal bosses, slutty and manipulative co-workers, and accusations of chair-sniffing, all in the hope of one day becoming a successful radio DJ; perhaps, even, The Mourning DJ.


Feb 18, 2019

In this episode, we get a quick glimpse behind the scenes of the radio DJ demo tape. Also, Nick Bellamy's comments on the air, heard at the end of the previous episode, cause a bit of a stir for the family of an up-and-coming pop performer. A flashback to a time on the good ship Jim's Fury reveals the past career challenges faced by Nick's boss Kevin Foster, during his time in pirate radio.  

And with it, Nick faces another uncertain moment.

A Citrus Wang Production

"The Mourning DJ" theme written, performed and produced by V3GLIO

Other music: Nas and Lauryn Hill - If I Ruled The World (Instrumental Edit)

"Bubbly's Theme" aka "Anyway" - Performed by Kellee Maize (Twitter

"Bittersweet Diner" - V3GLIO (Quickhit Edit)