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Follow along with the often amusing and occasionally heart-breaking story of Nick Bellamy - a young British media hopeful - as his path steers him around egomaniacal bosses, slutty and manipulative co-workers, and accusations of chair-sniffing, all in the hope of one day becoming a successful radio DJ; perhaps, even, The Mourning DJ.


Mar 25, 2019

Nick has now moved on from the dramas at Solar Radio. Things aren't exactly perfect though, as he is forced to take on a somewhat challenging new gig, and it's not exactly the job of his dreams. But, it's not forever.

A Citrus Wang Production

"The Mourning DJ" theme written, performed and produced by V3GLIO

Other music: Gangstarr - "Work"

Mayan Music - Caleb Hennessy

Milli Vanilli - "Don't Forget My Number"

Mahesh Raghvan - "Friends Theme" (Bollywood version)

Fiona Apple - "Sleep To Dream"

Simon Harris - Bass (How Low Can You Go)